When you’re discussing your wedding day plans with your photographer, don’t forget to ask whether they will include shots of you and your bridesmaids getting ready before the ceremony. These are precious moments between you, your besties and your Mum, so it’s lovely to capture them. 

However, the reality is often a lot more hectic than the photos would suggest! So here are our tips for making sure your getting ready photos look as beautiful as the occasion really was.


Consider what your bridal party are wearing
Seeing everyone in mismatched PJ’s or jogging bottoms will really detract from the overall look of the scenes in your photos. Consider giving each member of your 

bridal party their own satin robe in order to make them comfortable and give your photos that magazine polish. 


Compliment your theme

Whatever colour theme you have chosen for your big day, you can tie your getting ready photos in with your palette. There are satin bridal and bridesmaid robes available in colours including navy, sage green, champagne, burgundy and even white.


Treat your girls

The getting ready period involves a bit of nervous waiting around while everyone gets their hair done or takes turns at the mirror. This is a great time to give your bridesmaids a gift to commemorate the day, and your photographer can capture their delighted faces as they unwrap and put on their personalised robes. 


Capture once in a lifetime moments

The moment that your Dad, or whoever the ‘other’ significant man in your life is, sees you on the morning of your wedding is full of emotion. Brief your photographer and make sure they are ready to capture this first look. Before he walks into the